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Our involvements in the real estate industry include buying, selling and management of commercial or residential properties for our local and international clients. We also offer services such as location and title verification; deed preparation; etc to facilitate successful property deals.



Approx. 1050sq.m land (2.25 plots) at Rumuobiakani, off Tans-Amadi Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 

N60M Asking

Description: Fenced with gate; having a security house; on a gated close-street; with 1 Unit of 3-Bedroom Bungalows.
Proximity: 3-5 mins. drive from Shell I.A. or Pabod Breweries.
Documents: Deed of Assigment/Certificate of Title.
Recommended for: House, School, Guest House, Church Office, and allied.


Approx. 2350sq.m land (5 plots) at Rumuobiakani, off Tans-Amadi Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 

N120M Asking

Description: Fenced with gate; having a security house; on a gated close-street; with 2 Units of 3-Bedroom Bungalows + 1 BQ.
Proximity: 3-5 mins. drive from Shell I.A. or Pabod Breweries.
Documents: Deed of Assigment/Certificate of Title.
Recommended for:  House, School, Hotel, Church, and allied.


Approx. 5986.80 sq.m land (13 Plots) on East-West Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

N286M Asking

Description: Fenced with gate; directly on E-W road; with One Storey Building (having 2 Shops on the Ground Floor and 3 Bedroom Flat on the First Floor); One Bungalow (having 9 Rooms); One Warehouse and One Tower
Proximity: 2-3 mins. drive from Oil-mill market on Aba-Port Harcourt express way.
Documents: Deed of Conveyance (100% CofO possibility).
Recommended for: House, School, Hotel, Industry, Warehouse, Church, etc.


Approx. 433.55 sq.m land (1 Plot) on 7th Day Road, Oke-Bola, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

N12M Asking

Description: Not fenced; not gated; directly on 7th day road; with an old One Storey Building (having 6 Rooms on the Ground Floor and 6 rooms on the First Floor). 
Proximity: 2-3 mins. drive from Iyaganku Police Station; less than 5 min. drive from Cocoa house. 
Documents: Deed of Conveyance.
Recommended for: House, Hotel, Warehouse, Church, etc. 


Approx. 1162.5 sq.m land (2.5 plots) at Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 

N650M Asking

Description: Fenced with gate; directly on Old  Aba Road; with Three Storey Building (having open space Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Flood, Third Floor; each ranging between 400 and 450 sq.m).
Proximity: 2-3 mins. drive from Shell I.A.; 3-5 min. drive from Air Force base or Artillery.
Documents: Deed of Conveyance.
Recommended for: Bank, Hotel, Warehouse, Show Room, Church, etc.

This list features only a few of the most recent properties we have for sale.
On request, we can provide you with the location map of any property of your interest that we have.
If your desired property is not on this list, kindly send your request via Contact Us.



Our invested interest in Information and Communications Technology is focused on innovative applications of ICT skills and products for Economic Empowerment of people, particularly including the unemployed and underemployed youths in our society. This passionate interest led to the conception of a strategic initiative named USER PAY (UP) by the CEO in July, 2018. The specific strategies for the implementation of USER PAY (UP) initiative involve the development and adoption of a variety of bespoke innovative ICT products, USERPAY Merchandise (UPM) which include USERPAY (UP) Voucher; USERPAY Academy; USERPAY Virtual Business Spaces (UPVBS); and USERPAY Tech.

USER PAY (UP) Voucher

This is a utility digital voucher merchandising on mobile app, backed-up by valid real live use cases in businesses, USERPAY Merchandise (UPM); Geo Inheritance Limited; and independent partners with Existing 100% Shopping Value (for buying airtime, internet data, sofware, and several other goods and services); Less than 30 Seconds Network/Transfer Speed; and Less than 0.001 USD Transaction Fee.

In this regard, UP voucher is an equitable and sustainable innovative utility tool for easily achieving incredibly cheap; super fast; fraud-proof; and transparent day-to-day local and international transactions. The voucher also offers a strategic platform for creating and nurturing a genuine partnership with people living in poverty in order to make it possible to build an inclusive world.

Thus, ANYONE, ANYWHERE can be a USER; HOLDER; and/ or DISTRIBUTOR of the voucher. You can also earn UP Voucher as a Welcome Bonus by signingup for any of the USERPAY Virtual Business Spaces (UPVBS). Get UPVBS Details Here!




House Boats: Sale/Lease

We sell and lease house boats of various sizes, which include 40-man, 60-man, 100-man, etc. Please, contact us whenever you want to buy or sell or lease house boat.


Vessels: Sale/Charter

We offer tanker vessels of different capacities from 1,000 metric tons and above for charter. We  also sell working and scrapped vessels. Click the "Contact Us" button to reach us.


Barges: Sale/Lease

We sell and lease functional and scrapped barges (either self-propelled or ramp or dump) of different capacities from 1,000 metric tons and above. 


A glimpse of our clients ...


A glimpse of our accomplishments ....

In 2019, one of our above featured clients desired to have a decision support tool to determine the most approriate location for establishing a factory on a predominantly forested floodplain along the R. Niger in the Niger Delta; within stringent time-frame and financial budget. To meet the need after the client was referred to us by another happy client of ours; we used remotely sensed elevation dataset to augment the field topographic dataset for the inaccessible parts of our client's area of interest in order to save time and finacial cost by about 40% of the contract sum. This was achieved without compromising the required accuracy level for the project.

CEO/Managing Director

In 2014, Geo Inheritance Limited needed a new platform for the applications of geospatial techniques to support community policing effort in Nigeria. We initiated and led the execution of the initiative to enhance community policing in Nigeria using integrated Geospatial techniques (Web-GIS mapping, GNSS, cellular network and Google Earth imagery) using the city of Port Harcourt in Rivers State as a pilot project. We trained, mobilize and managed selected Nigerian Police Force officers on response to distress call using the innovative integrated Geospatial techniques. The pilot project was successful.

CEO/Managing Director

In 2010, in order to provide geospatial support for a wetland study and develoment project in an academic community; our team planned and led the logistics for the field work, which involved using an Echo-sounder with dual frequency GPS for bathymetric survey on a freshwater reservoir; GIS database/map creation using ArcGIS; geospatial data analysis; and took innovative steps to reduced the cost of map-data acquisition by about 4, 000 Canadian Dollar. Our client was happy that we lucratively delivered the projects within the incredible deadline. 

CEO/Managing Director


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